Mobile Banking

Take advantage of the convenience of Mobile Banking.  With Mobile Banking you can:

  • View account activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Set-up security alerts
  • Contact us via phone or email
  • Make a deposit

Start saving time and money today by using the easy and secure features of Mobile Banking! 



Q:  What can I do with Mobile Banking?
A:  With Mobile Banking, you have control over nearly every aspect of managing your accounts.  You can:

  • See history and images for DDA, Savings and Loan accounts
  • Make transfers between savings and checking accounts
  • Make deposits ($0.50, plus tax per transaction)
  • Quick contact the bank regarding lost or stolen debit cards or for general questions
  • Setup email alerts to guard against fraud or theft

Q:  What do I need to do to add Mobile Banking?
A:  You must have an eligible mobile device.  Mobile banking currently works with smart phones or mobile devices using the Apple and Android operating systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where do I find the App?
A:  To download our app, simply search for "Century Bank Shenandoah" in your app store and download.
*Customers should only download from the apple store or from your network carrier's online store.  Customers are solely responsible for ensuring proper use of their mobile device.  The Bank is not liable for any losses incurred by failure to properly use Mobile Banking, the app or their device.

Q:  What do I do if I lose my phone?
A:  Please contact and notify the Bank as soon as possible, if your phone is lost or stolen.

Q:  What information is needed to logon to Mobile Banking?
A:  Customers can use a username and password, Biometrics/Fingerprint, or customers can establish a PIN for easier access.

Q:  Are there tips for making a mobile deposit?
A:  Ensure the surface contrasts with the color of the check.  A solid dark background against a white/light colored check works best.  Make sure that you have ample lighting and avoid using the flash on your camera.  Once deposited, keep you check in a secure area for at least three weeks to ensure that your deposit has been credited to your account.  Once you confirm it has been deposited, destroy the check.

Q:  How do I properly endorse a check for mobile deposit?
A:  Please sign the back of the check, exactly as you would when making the deposit in person.

Q:  Are there transaction limits for mobile deposit?
A:  There is a limit of $10,000 per item. 



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