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At Century Bank, we will work hard to understand your operation as well as you do and to find ways to improve your bottom line.  We pride ourselves on providing products, services and expert advice that many community banks can't provide.  All decisions are made locally, ensuring a quick turn around time. 

Please click on any of the below links for further information or call Century Bank at 712-246-2205 or 877-262-7436, and we'll be glad to help.

Agricultural Real Estate Loans


Livestock Loans 




Feeder Finance


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Machinery & Equipments Loans

Ag Real Estate Loans

We offer a wide range of agriculture real estate lending products.  We can provide extremely competitive variable or fixed rate options.  We have no closing fees and only require payment for "out-of-pocket" expenses.  We have flexible terms and allow payments up to 25 years.  We have reasonable equity requirements of as little as 20 percent, depending on the borrower's financial strength.

Whether you are purchasing additional ground or looking to refinance existing debt, we can help.  Our fast turn around time ensures that you will not miss out on an opportunity, waiting for loan approval. 

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Livestock Loans

We strongly believe in the livestock industry and while a lot of banks are shying away from the livestock industry, Century Bank is always there serving our livestock producers.

  • We will provide financing to purchase feeder livestock or breeding livestock
  • We offer flexible terms and are confident we can develop a financing package to fill your needs
  • We offer revolving loans and terms loans to fit your needs
  • Contract feeding arrangements
  • Confinement facility loans
  • Fixed and variable rate options available

We will work hard to understand your operation as well as you do and to find ways to improve your bottom line. 

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Feeder Finance

A great product for feedlots, not offered by some financial institutions.  Our lender experience allows us to offer this product that is usually restricted to much larger financial institutions and the largest feed yards.

A feeder finance line of credit allows a commercial/custom feed yard to offer a competitive financing product to their customers.  This product allows you to attract new customers and provide a valuable service to your existing customers.

This is how it works.  You, the feedlot owner, will offer financing to your customers.  You will need to determine the credit worthiness of your clients.  If you determine that your client is credit worthy, you will provide them a note, security agreement and financing statement for their signature.  The note will require your client to provide initial cash equity in the cattle of a minimum $150/head or 30 percent of the purchase price of the cattle.  The client is then able to borrow the remaining amount of the purchase price, plus all feed and yardage costs associated with the feeding of the cattle.

Century Bank in turn will take assignment of the note, security agreement, and financing statement between you and your client and loan you the funds needed to complete the transaction and feeding of the cattle.  You are required to guaranty the repayment of the notes upon the sale of the cattle.

We offer fixed or variable rate options and you are allowed to "mark-up" the interest rate to your client, if you choose to do so.

Century Bank will help you with the forms and training needed to get started.

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Special Loans

FSA Guaranteed Loans

Century Bank is a Certified Lender and participates in all FSA Guaranteed Loan programs.  Guaranteed Loan programs can be used to finance operating needs or restructure debt, purchase real estate, livestock, machinery or other farm assets.  Guaranteed loans may provide the operator the opportunity to obtain financing they might otherwise be unable to receive with conventional financing products.  We have extensive experience processing and administering guaranteed loans, which means your loan will always be handled in a professional manner.

Young Farmer Loans through FSA/4H Loans

Century Bank is a big supporter of our youth, especially the next generation of agriculture producers.  Century Bank feels there is an enormous amount of potential in the future of production agriculture and will do anything it can to help young producers get started.  We will put in time to help the young farmer get started with their project and do what we can to help ensure a successful and profitable experience.  We offer direct loans to beginning farmers and also work with our local FSA offices to help young farmers get started in agriculture at an early age.  If no loan is needed, we are also available to offer any advice or assistance that we can.

FSA offers their Youth Loan program to area youth; this program offers an extremely low interest rate and the ability to borrow up to $5,000.00.  Repayment terms are flexible, depending on the project. 

To qualify for this loan:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be between 10 and 20 years of age
  • Live in the open country or in a town of less than 10,000 people
  • Be unable to get a loan from other sources
  • Conduct a modest income-producing project in a supervised program of work

Some common projects include, but are not limited to, livestock and crop production, lawn and garden services, repair shops and roadside stands.  Funds can be used to buy animals, equipment, supplies or tools.  Funds can also be used to provide operating expense or rent. 

This is an excellent opportunity for young farmers to get started in agriculture and raise funds for college.

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Lines of Credit

We provide operating lines of credit for all types of agriculture, including row crop, cattle, swine, poultry, hay, specialty crop and any other type of agriculture industry you are involved in.

Our operating lines of credit offer both variable and fixed rate options.  We work hard to understand your business and develop a product and program that will fit your specific needs.  We help you with your cash flow, which allows us to help you improve profitability.

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Machinery and Equipment Loans

We offer a full line of machinery and equipment loan products.  We are here to help you with any purchase of new or used machinery, irrigation equipment or facilities.  We offer extremely competitive fixed or variable interest rates to fit your needs.  Our loan repayment terms are flexible and depend on the type of equipment you are purchasing.  We offer loan amortizations from 1-10 years with the majority of loans in the 3-7 year category. 

If you are in the market to purchase a new or used piece of equipment, we encourage you to give us a call. 

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